Why Call Us?

Why have us manage your property?

We specialize in property management.

Property Management is what we do, not something we also do. The big real estate companies in town like to dabble in sales, development and many other real estate projects, leaving their leftover time for property management after the big sales deals have been handled. With that approach, your property might go months or even years without an inspection, leaving both tenant and owner unhappy.

We are a small property management company.

While the big real estate companies have many properties, we take a different approach. We only manage as many properties as we can really stay on top of, so we can give your property the individual attention it needs. We value our property owners and want to have a successful long-term relationship. We know all of our clients by name and don’t have to ask what the property address is when you call in with questions.

We have the experience to treat you right.

We have been successfully managing residential rental real estate all over Dona Ana County for over 20 years. All of our professionals are very well experienced, so you can know your property will not be left in the care of an inexperienced assistant working for a company that does management on the side.

What can we do for YOU?