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Chaparral Real Estate Property Management Co.

Las Cruces, New Mexico


Successfully managing residential real estate in the

Las Cruces area since 1992

We take the headaches out of owning rental real estate.

Chaparral Real Estate Property Management Company provides management solutions to property owners and investors.  We maximize your income, reduce your risk and protect your investment.  Our extensive knowledge in the property management field comes from over 20 years of residential rental ownership, management and supervision in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area.
We understand the extensive requirements of managing single-family rental properties.  The day-to-day attention and wide range of technical and legal expertise required can be overwhelming for property owners. We have been providing these services to the Las Cruces area since 1992. We have the experience and resources to successfully manage your residential rental property.

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All Las Cruces property management companies advertise the property, negotiate leases and collect rent. We go way beyond that.
To protect your investment, we do the following:
1) All prospective tenants are thoroughly screened
2) All properties are “drive by” inspected at least every month.
3) All Properties are “walk through” inspected every 90 days or more often if “drive by” indicates there could be a problem. At each scheduled walk through inspection We report on and send digital photos as needed of any problem areas.
4) All late payers are contacted by the 6th. Eviction starts either then or as soon as is prudent according the situation.
5) Preventive Maintenance Program: Maintenance gets handled while it is still maintenance, we don’t wait for it to become a major repair. Our regular walk through inspections allow us to find maintenance problems early.
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