What We Do

We take the headaches out of owning residential rental properties

Getting Your Property Rented:

We aggressively market your property.

We do market research to make sure we are not underpricing your property, costing you money, or overpricing your property, so it doesn’t rent, which costs you even more money.

Screening and Leasing:

We thoroughly screen all prospective residents and independently verify critical information.

Second, we negotiate, prepare, renegotiate and renew leases.

We prepare detailed move-in and move out inspection reports with photographs.

Ongoing monitoring and inspection:

We perform “drive by” inspections of all properties at least once a month and inspect the inside of the property every three months to look for problems the tenants may not be telling us about.

Our seasoned professionals have a background in construction, maintenance and real estate, so we know what needs to be done to help prevent a small problem from becoming a big, expensive headache for the property owner.

Our level of experience and expertise  also keeps unscrupulous contractors and service providers form being able to take advantage of us (you) on repairs.

If an inspection indicates a needed repair, we deal with it while the problem is still small.

We also coordinate, inspect and validate all repair work to ensure our property owners get their money’s worth.


Rent and Tenant Issues:

We collect all rent every month.

Late-paying tenants are contacted by the 6th day of the month and the eviction processes begins either then or as soon as is prudent, depending on the situation.


Legal and Accounting Issues:

All property owners receive monthly statements formatted by IRS expense and income categories to make your tax filing easier at the end of the year.

We account for and document all outgoing expenses for each property.

With Chaparral Real Estate Company, you can also rest easy knowing that we will handle all legal issues with tenants. As seasoned real estate professionals, we are intimately familiar with New Mexico’s real estate laws and know what a tenant’s rights and responsibilities are. While our screening process prevents most issues, we are ready to handle the few problem tenants.